She'd been violent before
Come on… COME ON!!…
Everything she says is a lie
she so did it
I don't trust her
Because it’s a movie
Daniel made up that story
She was sick of him and felt drowned by his incompetence
You tell me! It’s a fictional story
She had a history of violence, the blood stains only made sense from contact somewhere else
flashback of daniel
Fallacies in her story, a dog theory doesn’t mean suicide. The blood splatter!!!!! Meddling with the witness! The kid’s fear of not having any parents!!! She’s a murderer!
Her autobiographical style of writing lends the murder a lot of poetic significance.
The prosecution left out her ability to push him out the window while we was working.
if i were a juror i would acquit because there is reasonable doubt but it takes for too much work to believe the suicide as opposed to the simpler murder. Sandra’s earlier claim to her lawyer that Samuel just fell is more believable to me!
Daniel made up the story about the dog, which echos what someone said about Sandra's books being part fiction and part real life.
She is a selfish liar
Bad vibes bruh
god forbid women have hobbies
She did it!
She was constantly lying with her eyes and body movements and just had a good lawyer
though my instincts are to trust women and mothers, and the film seemed to guide me to trust her, when she speaks in the car about winning and losing i lost my trust. i think Sandra got what she wanted without consequence, at least legal
I think she was much more violent and cunning. Biggest thing for me is we are taking her word on the fight and didn’t see it happen. He still seemed like a man that was fighting. I think he would have left her more so than killed himself
Cherchez la femme
She's a writer and wanted material for her next book.
She's a writer and wanted material for her next book.
only thing that makes sense
the baseball from the start is missing, could be the killing weapon
Their relationship was too rocky before the incident. She had too many red flags.
Her story seemed inconsistent at times and it felt like her son was trying to change his story to help her.
She lied to prosecutors and her son lied to save her.
Who else could it be
It’s a little difficult to imagine that even a blind child would forget they were outside listening to a conversation in the dead cold of winter
Gut feeling. Also blood spatter.
She was German.
Hates him
The son saved her!
Boy made up story. Told himself a good night story. Boy wants mommy.
boy made up story
I think Daniel is reaching with that story at the end of the movie- I think it was simply about the dog, not himself
Her son thinks she did it and lied to protect her, which leads me to think she did it
because it’s more fun that way
The vibes
too many coincidences! it was never explained why daniel called her a monster to his dad.
Physical violence in fights normal, frustration from the music, fight ends in her hitting him and he accidentally falls out of window
the dog hugging
He never would have let his son find him.
She made up stuff as she went a long as did her son. Her son ran the experiment after he had already asked to re-testify, so what he was going to say orignally was different.
The dog had his eyes open in the final shot. Dogs are usually sleep with the eyes closed in a safe environment. Given that the dog’s eyes are open it implies that he is alert and protecting the son from the mom.
She’s German
Because he wouldn’t kill himself like that
Cuz I said so
There’s reasonable doubt she did not do it of course. I don’t know what the burden of proof is in France. I don’t really trust Daniel’s testimony. I’m not at all confident, but I think that murder was more likely than suicide.
She killed that mf bruh idk what u want me to say
The music was on
when i say yes, i mean she had helped into him milking himself because she made him miserable with the cheating and the fighting that’s all
he deserved it
Doesn’t matter if she did it physically, either way she drove him to it
she is suspicous
Even if she didn’t physically attack him, she killed him by gaslighting him and invalidating his feelings. If he killed himself, she was a major contributing factor.
The argument from the day before
Because I decided she did
Bc she’s guilty
I think the son fabricated the story about the conversation with his father in the car which he believed would help the jury acquit his mother. Her story has too many holes in it. Guilty.
Looks like she would
shes white
Daniel lied on her behalf
The dialogue scene outside of her and the lawyer where she compares people to animals. To me that confirms she was the one that gave the kid the speech that the dog could die any second was actually about her husband. She did it yall…
She either did it or it was an accident…no one is killing their self to P.I.M.P.
He was dragging her down
The dog.
If this were supposed to be a movie i would say that the husband tried to frame her, but I think the real answer lies in her motive which is her need to be free from this relationship
she’s a wife killer….but she’s a woman. curious!!
feels like her son was lying to protect her
She kept “remembering” important relevant details after the fact. Daniel was scared for her to come home. Why/how could she sleep with the loud music. She was unsympathetic, self-centered and full of anger in recording.
고의는 아니었어도 결과적으로는 그녀가 죽였을 것
She cheated
Her son cover her
Wait? The only two ways possible are he committed suicide or I killed him? I just remembered he was suicidal.
samuel's death is not important. the death of their marriage is. one way or another, both of them are at fault.
The kid lied about what happened with his dad. So more likely she did it
She walked over the snow where her husband had died
I think they got in another fight the day of the fall, she hit him just in anger (not intending to kill) and he fell from the balcony.
How could she have heard
pathological liar and storyteller creates fantasy to escape an unhappy life. that said, acquittal was correct. aren't courts wild?
It was a crime of passion. The story her son told about her husband preparing him for his eventual death was a fabrication.
Her story changes so much and it’s impossible to know the truth. I think her son chose to lie to save her so they could preserve whatever was left of their lives.
I think that he asked her to put him out of his misery. I believe that is why her feelings towards everything felt so complicated. Especially in the final shot when she goes to bed in the office and the dog joins her.
cus the bitch crazy and tell em Marcus said it
She was there
No note and given the locale there was surely a more effective method of suicide than jumping out a window.
When Daniel held her at the end, to me that was us learning that he had fabricated the story about his dad and him in the car.
In the end, she still loves her husband. She doesn’t have the stomach to kill him.
Son needed his father
I want to believe that she didn’t.
Depressed people be like that
Because that’s what the movie’s about
mommy knows best
Snoop never lies
She’s too sane
Snoop showed us the truth
No murder weapon!
The son's testimony.
she’s just a wife and mother. the dialogue with the dog going to the vet convinced me that the dad wasn’t feeling too good lmao
More reasons why he would kill himself. Also, no weapon found.
The way she continued to defend him throughout the story and avoid making things appear in her favor did it for me.
She loved him and isn’t a killer
Even if Daniel's final testimony was invented, it seems clear that Samuel was in a spiral of shame and disappointment, and the couple's final fight may have forced him to confront his own shortcomings in a way he could not handle.
There was no blood splatter in the attic, on her close, or a murder weapon.
She still love him.
She did not hate him.
Her husband was dissatisfied with his life. He saw a way out and took it.
She loves Daniel and indin
Because of the ending shot.
She doesn’t seem guilty
As someone that has struggled with suicide, a lot of his behaviors reminded me of my own.
I never thought the film believed Sandra committed the murder; but I was even more convinced after the marvelously crafted argument scene.
while I’d buy that maybe the son would lie to protect his mother, I don’t believe he’d have come up with such a nuanced, poetic lie as what he said in his testimony.
he exhibited depressive, suicidal tendencies
Because we get to decide
He fell accidentally
Believe women!
His failure did not have nearly as much of an effect on her as her success did on him.
Just don’t think she did…. But who knows
The dog. The dog always knows. She's innocent.
He was obviously very unwell and the statement made by Daniel absolutely confirmed that she did not do it
She didn't have the crazy eyes
the patriarchy
I’d feel bad for Daniel
She had no motive
male wallowing
It just doesn't make sense
She couldn't have done it physically.
so much evidence against her that she can’t actually be guilty. the universe set her up to fail but she’s innocent
Relationships and humans are complex, and society fears intelligent women
I believe the kid
Bc her son was right
She wouldn’t leave his body for her son and snoop to find
The husband was obviously depressed about his lack of career advancement and his part in his sons blindness. Sandra also wouldn’t have left the body for her son to find.
He did it himself
Seemed like suicide
She’s not irrational, just unlikable
Please just tell me
because when you cannot know, you get to decide
Blood spatter; psychiatrist was an idiot
Because it is the story we want to believe
She appeared genuinely shocked when she saw his body.
She may have had a troubled marriage, but she didn’t have a clear motive to kill her husband.
It's pretty obvious that her husband's death was a suicide, based on the evidence presented in the film. In fact, nothing is ever shown that she did it, only just the claims of contrarians.
Husband was going through it.
She was just too sad :(
He was off his antide
I don't think there was enough to drive her to murder
There's just no factual proof she did it
Her husband clearly suffered from depression. Suicide is often an impulsive action, not carefully planned but acted on in a moment of desperation and oppurtunity.
She would need a lot of force to push her husband off the balcony
I think she has the strength to strike and/or over power him, causing him to fall from the attic.
I don’t know man
because the kid's point of view is the only that matters to me
Because I respect women so I believe her.
He bumped his head and fell on his own
No evidence
The movie makes it pretty clear she didn't.
She's not a killer.
it was depressed influenced accident!
It’s not a binary but she’s more innocent than guilty
no motive
Inconclusive evidence
Boy said so
she is manipulative and abusive but not a murderer
Lack of motive
Her husband seemed to be unstable and depressed
The blind boys testimony re. his father’s words. Could’ve been a story itself but I bought it.
He was so desperate. He suicided
She wouldn't write in her book if she was gonna do it
I think they did not like each other and were just trying to stay together for Daniel but that last fight broke him and he killed himself while Daniel was out of the house to implicate her
It's presumed innocent, not guilty. The prosecution only had speculation.
The son Remembering the dog conversation
Because I want to believe her. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.